Safety, Proper Care, and Maintenance of Polished Terrazzo Tiles

As a top building material, terrazzo flooring tiles have become one of building professionals’ most admirable and preferred materials. Architects and designers now perceive that the ability of terrazzo tiles to last for a long time, its strength of use, and infinite design possibilities make it worth the price. Concerning the price of installation, terrazzo tiles cost more than others.

However, they compensate for these initial installation costs through low maintenance and long-lasting use for several decades. Moreover, the outlasting striking design with the architectural trends is why terrazzo outshines them all. It has simply become a timeless classic piece of finish in both home and industries and public places. learn more about terrazzo tiles at

This article focuses primarily on the polished terrazzo, which may have been installed and sealed. It begins with what polished terrazzo tiles are and answers the question of caring for and maintaining this piece of art. And when it is time to repair or restore terrazzo, or your imply desire a new one, what process can one follow. 

What are Polished Terrazzo Tiles?

Polished Terrazzo Tiles comprise hard building materials to add to the overall building. For example, some of the materials include but are not limited to glass, marble chips, quartz, and other related ones. Particles or flakes from these materials are mixed into a cement base to make an aggregate. Also, there are two significant ways to arrive at the final output.

The first is to get a pre-cast terrazzo tile aggregate and bring it on-site while preparing the ground. On the other hand, you can install the tile right on location by pouring the terrazzo composite in situ. Either way, after pouring the composite on-site, you can add a layer of protection with a sealer. 

The function of the seal is both to protect and maintain the polished look over time. An additional benefit of the anti-slip finish is to bear the surface if there is a projection that the surface will have a high traffic of users. By the way, a set of polished terrazzo tiles is applicable on many fronts and not limited to flooring the surface alone. 

Care and Maintenance of Terrazzo Tiles 

Generally, terrazzo tiles, especially polished ones, are straightforward to maintain under any circumstance. With a set of simple cleaning tools, you can create a consistent plan and spend the least in restoring the polished tiles each time. Starting with a damp mop dipped into warm water, you can remove any accumulated dirt or dust. In addition, you can rinse the mop and dampen it again to give subsequent wipes on the surfaces.  If some FAQs are emerging in your mind in other types of tiles you can read them here.

If you want to use any cleaning solution, ensure you put away any acidic solution. Instead, stick to the pH-neutral ones, which cannot cause any harm to the terrazzo tiles. Using a neutral cleaning solution on the terrazzo is an assurance that you can prolong its life. Besides, there will not be any need to worry about the luster of the polished surface as it can be restored after every simple cleaning method this way.

You simply have to know what to use, what to do and how consistently you may have to do the cleaning. In addition, a polished terrazzo is a naturally porous material. Any acidic solution applied to it can compromise the integrity of the material. After cleaning with the neutral solution, you should also allow the surface to be dry by leaving overnight. When the covers have become dry, you can begin to use a buffer machine to aid the restoration of the luster. 

Alternatively, if you don’t have enough time to leave it to dry by natural means, you can dry it with a piece of clean and dry cloth that is non-abrasive. The steps above give you a general idea of caring for and maintaining your polished terrazzo tiles. However, the process of rebuffing or resealing the terrazzo may require the expertise of a terrazzo installer to ensure it turns out perfectly. Note that any installation damage could cause unexpected damages.

Repair and Restoration of Terrazzo Tiles

If the homeowner takes good care of terrazzo tiles, the structure can remain intact for a long time to come. At the same time, the polished terrazzo on the floors and other surfaces can easily be repaired and restored in case there is an issue. You may also need to get more professional than taking specific actions without sufficient knowledge of the maintenance methods. 

And suppose you have zero experience with the work of repair or restoration of the terrazzo tiles layers. In that case, it is better not to attempt it. On the other hand, you can learn a few more things in terms of the required equipment and the process of restoring the terrazzo. Otherwise, it will take only a terrazzo technician to solve the problem without creating a greater one. 

The Importance of Safety

We cannot talk about safety, except there is a possibility that accidents could happen. Moreover, there is a general belief that accidents are not entirely inevitable. That may be true, but another fact is that these accidents are purely avoidable. But it will take a lot of effort to install appropriate safety measures in the right places. For example, when installing terrazzo tiles on staircases, one needs to put all safety measures to avoid slipping.

Australia has one of the highest workplace causes of injuries associated with staircases made of different materials. And one way to prevent this occurrence is to build the strength of the staircases into it from the very start. Firstly, the builder has to use high-quality building materials for the stairs. In the case of terrazzo floor tiles, after installing this high-quality material, you also need to add an anti-slip finish to it for an extra layer of protection.


In conclusion, there may be a lot of questions that are yet to be addressed in caring for terrazzo tiles. But the most crucial part of it all is to know what to do and do it, know what to use, and use it the number of times required. Meanwhile, starting with the natural attributes, the terrazzo tiles have the characteristics that make them safer than any other building material.